5 ways to get breast enlarged

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Imagine you have the perfect face, height, skin colour, body but to spoil all these qualities you also have small breasts. Now that would certainly be a bummer situation. The dream of large breasts cannot come true magically but with recent technological development many ways for breast enlargement have been devised.

These methods are becoming popular day by day. This is mainly because the latest beauty standards dictate breast size to be large. Now everybody cannot be blessed with a perfect set of big and perky breasts. In addition women have to go many physically demanding roles such as pregnancy and nursing which tend to disfigure the breasts completely.

However if you have small or disfigured breasts do not feel low as there are still many ways through which you can gain in your breast size. Total Curve Review


You may have thought exercise and work out only shape up your body in general. Well the reality is that exercises can be used to target the breast muscles specifically causing them to increase in size. Women who have a small breast size are recommended to lift weights. Lifting weights help strengthen the pectoral muscle in the breast. The pectoral muscle is found just below the breast. When this muscle gains in size it causes your breast to be uplifted.

There are many exercises which are integrated in yoga to increase your breast size. However you should make sure you do not over do these exercises as they may causes muscles to develop in your arms and body which will consequently over shadow the gain you make in your breast muscle.


Your diet plays an essential role in breast development. Women usually do not take care of their diet and tend to skip meals. Many women eat less than the prescribed amount of calories just to look skinny. Such habits are absolutely hazardous for your breast development.  Do not just replace unhealthy food when you skip your meals.

Make sure you maintain a balanced diet. Remember it is not only your body which suffers from lack of nutrition it includes your breasts too. The simplest home remedy for breast enlargement is to eat well at regular intervals.

You should make it a point to consume food such as milk, cheese, and lean protein. Protein is highly recommended for breast growth. This is because it aids in tissue production. So keep in the intake of red meat and fish relatively high.

In addition drink enough water. Your body should be hydrated enough to be able to maintain healthy tissues and organs. Water is a vital ingredient in your body so be careful to keep your intake good enough for breast enlargement.


A very popular method of breast enlargement these days is through surgery. Many women are brave enough to go under the knife to gain in their breast size. Cosmetic surgery has covered many milestones in breast augmentation therapy. There are many methods available for breast enlargement.

There are four types of methodologies for breast implants. The decision of implant depends on the nature of your breast. One method targets the Inframmary muscles which are just below the breast. Other areas include under the portion under the arm and around the areola technique.

Most of the breast implant surgeries are pretty safe and have a great success rate.


People who do not want to go in to the operation theatre and yet wish for a solution which works directly on the breast muscles. For such people creams offer a great option. Brestrogen is a very popular cream which is applied directly on the breasts. The cream is absorbed quite quickly which means you do not have to bear any mess or gruesome stains on your clothes.

This cream targets the tissues in your breast and improves the blood circulation in the area. It also contains a rare plant ingredient imported from Thailand. This ingredient contains special properties for breast enlargement.

Brestrogen is a perfect solution you can follow from the comfort of your bed room. You do not have to go through any painful clinic appointments. Just apply the cream twice a day and be ready to see the results.


Another very popular solution for breast enlargement is supplements. There are many breast augmentation supplements which aim to increase your breast size. These pills contain the female hormone estrogen and progesterone as well as other essential nutrients.

These pills are to be consumed every single days for a period of three to four months. The results come in slow but by the end of the method you do see a cup size going up. There are not many side effects of taking the pill. Pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from taking this medicine.

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