How much testosterone should I inject?

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Testosterone is an anabolic steroid hormone in the body that is versatile in its nature and is produced by the testicles in men. It maintains the muscle mass of the body and it can help you build lean muscles whilst losing substantial fat in the body.

It also helps in hair growth, production of red blood cells, immune system, metabolism and maintaining the density of bones. Thus it is important to maintain adequate testosterone levels in the body. The amount of testosterone you should inject in the body depends upon many variables like the weight of your body, your goals and what experiences you previously have had with steroids.

To boost your T-levels you can utilize safe and natural supplements like Testogen. As you grow older, testosterone levels begin to decline and your performance slacks. This can be easily remedied by the benefits Testogen has to offer. It contains an advanced formula that can boost your T-levels naturally without side effects.

Today thousands of men are using testosterone injections to increase their life span and their performances. Millions of men around the world feel that it is a shot of masculinity they need as research today shows that T-levels are falling. And if you find yourself among them some questions will normally rise and you may question how much you should inject, if need be.

It is an important question that will cater to you testosterone deficit. There can be confusion about the dosage of T-injections if you are new to anabolic steroids. Even for an individual used to T-injections on a regular basis can be misguided, especially pertaining to the dosing. The large amount of vague information on the internet can be given the credit for this. To be honest, there is not a universal dose that meets everyone’s requirements but some guidelines and boundaries can be set to follow.

Testosterone Injections for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

If you are a person who has been prescribed HRT, a dose of 100mg-200 mg every 7 to 14 days is the far more common testosterone injection for the HRT patients. But, generally those who receive such injections as part of their treatment are given a maximum dose of 250mg.In America, the total injection dose is based on the milligrams that are provided by the specific testosterone being used and also taken into account is the half-life and then the total dosage is determined according to the person’s requirements.

Basically, you and your doctor will be the ones who determine what dosage is best for you. One injection bi-weekly seems much more appealing but some people will be able to maintain more stable levels with more frequent dosing of testosterone at lower levels.

Testosterone Injections for Performance Enhancement

For the people looking to enhance their performance with T-injections far higher levels of dosage will be required. This is because the idea behind HRT is to bring your testosterone levels to normal- a simple increase to bring them to adequate levels. But, for performance enhancement, the levels need to surpass normal ones, in order to provide our body with such amount of testosterone that it is incapable of producing normally.

This kind of amount of dose is called a Supraphysiological dose and for the majority it falls in the range of 400-500mg every week, minimally. Lesser volume dosages than this will not yield significant gains or benefits. For the person who is new to anabolic steroids and a first timer, a dose of 400-500mg is perfect.

The majority who wants to enhance their performance eventually exceeds far from 400-600mg dosage every week but most usually find this volume of dosage relatively safer & more comfortable without finding any reason to increase their levels of testosterone dosing. But you have to bear in mind that greater the amount of dose, greater are the risks associated with it. A high dosage of testosterone may have greater rewards but your odds of undesirable side-effects will also increase. Best Legal Steroids 2017

Basically risk & rewards are directly proportional and you are the only one who can judge whether the risks are worth the gains. You should also be particularly cautious that you don’t stock up any other anabolic steroids with your regular injections. You should keep a keen eye on your health if you are a performance enhancer. You should regularly get your blood work done and schedule physical checkups regularly also. If you are considering increasing the dosage of your T-injections you will have to increase the policing of your health also.

Injections of testosterone are the most common treatments for performance enhancement and in most cases it is the only performance enhancing drug that is used by athletes due to their efficacy. If you wish to boost your T-levels naturally, safely and easily without injections, Testogen is the way to go. This dietary supplement will make you start living life again, making that unwanted fatigue and lack of power a matter of the past.

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